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Site visits provide opportunities for EXCEL staff members and on-campus faculty to maintain contact with participating high school administrators, counselors, teachers, and students and to offer support to each participant.


  • The site visitor contacts the high school teacher to set up a time for the visit and, if possible, a discussion before or after class.
  • The site visitor prepares materials (syllabi, sample assignments and assessments, handouts) for the high school teacher.
  • The high school teacher prepares samples to give to the site visitor (tests, lab reports, portfolios, class handouts, graded papers).
  • The high school coordinator or the teacher informs the high school administration of the planned visit.
  • The site visitor wears or carries identification and goes through the appropriate process of entering the school, registering at the main office, and wearing any designated visitor tag.
  • The site visitor observes the class and participates in the discussion if appropriate. The high school teacher may choose to ask the site visitor to speak to the students or to answer questions.
  • After the visit, either during a conference period or at a later date, the site visitor discusses with the teacher a number of items including student performance, instructional strategies, types of assessments, teacher questions or concerns, and recommendations.