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EXCEL is now…MBU Early College Partnerships

Since EXCEL’s establishment in 1983, a lot has changed.  We added two programs and now serve more than 40 high schools with more than 2500 students enrolled annually.  After reflecting on our growth and changes in the industry, we recognized that we needed a name that would better reflect our mission and offerings.  Beginning June 15, EXCEL is now referred to as MBU Early College Partnerships (MBU ECP).

About MBU Early College Partnerships

MBU Early College Partnerships (MBU ECP), formerly known as “EXCEL,” was established in 1983 at Missouri Baptist University. MBU ECP is a program that allows high school students to earn university credit. Its primary mission is to offer qualified high school students the opportunity to enroll in challenging courses normally taken by MBU students during their freshman and sophomore years of college.

MBU ECP serves over 40 high schools located in the St. Louis metro area and in eastern and mid-Missouri communities. The program includes public and private high schools and provides classes in schools as large as 2,500 students and as small as 100 students.

Early College Partnerships offers MBU credit through various methods of delivery:  EXCEL Dual Credit, ACHIEVE Credit-by-Exam, or Dual Enrollment.

  • EXCEL Dual Credit is a program whereby high school students, located at the high school sites, earn MBU credit while being taught by university-approved high school instructors. EXCEL Dual Credit has been nationally accredited through the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) since 2008. NACEP’s high standards ensure that dual credit courses offered in the high school are as rigorous as courses offered by the University.
  • ACHIEVE is a credit-by-exam program whereby MBU faculty develop and grade a series of three to four exams which are given to high school students. The student’s MBU course grade is dependent only on those exams.
  • Dual enrollment is available at a limited number of high schools. Students are taught by MBU faculty either in the high school, at a regional learning center (RLC), or online.

For more information, contact the MBU Early College Partnerships office at Missouri Baptist University by e-mailing or by calling 314-392-2203.