Administrative Assistant to the Provost/Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs

I.         Basic Function

Under the direct supervision of the Provost/Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs, the Administrative Assistant assists the above ranked person in all areas related to faculty and academic affairs. 

II.        Responsibilities and Authority

  • Maintains and updates files related to the Provost Office.
  • Generates correspondence and memos for employment inquiries, recommendation letters, tuition reimbursements, and faculty interviews.
  • Supervises Provost Office staff, including Document Coordinator, Part-Time Office Assistant, and Student Worker(s) in their work for Provost Office. 
  • Works with Deans and Division Chairs to coordinate search committee process for hiring full-time faculty according to University procedures and policies.
  • Prepares and coordinates Fall and Spring Faculty Conferences, Spring In-Service Day, Outstanding Students of Achievement Awards Ceremony, Regional Learning Center Annual Meeting, and Retirement Reception.
  • Assists in preparation for annual Commencement exercises. 
  • Orders office supplies and arranges for printing as necessary.
  • Prepares and maintains yearly administrative work calendar for the Provost Office.
  • Assist with yearly update of faculty teaching load report and faculty contracts.
  • Prepares academic reports and updates the objectives of the Strategic Plan under direction of the Provost/Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs for Board of Trustee meetings.
  • Maintains faculty personnel files as a function of Human Resources.
  • Maintains faculty/student issue files as a function of Human Resources.
  • Processes Purchase Orders/Supply Orders/Expense Reports for the Provost Office and budget items from other departments which require the Provost’s approval.
  • Maintains the Provost Office budget including verifying invoices and budget charges against the “Detail Trial Balance” provided by the Business Office once each month (including investigation of unexpected charges).
  • Requests and save SWOTS Reports for Division Dean/Chair each academic year.
  • Maintains strict confidentiality in all aspects of responsibilities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

III.      Relationships

The Administrative Assistant in Academic Affairs will observe the following relationships:

Provost/Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs

The Administrative Assistant in Academic Affairs reports directly to the Provost/Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs for the execution of tasks and responsibilities as delineated in job description and deemed necessary by the Provost/Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs. 


The Administrative Assistant in Academic Affairs has a cooperative relationship with and gives support to academic administrators and faculty to help them facilitate their responsibilities related to the Provost office, as outlined in the job description, subject to the approval of the Provost. Also works collaboratively with departments and administrators outside of Academic Affairs. 

Provost Office Staff

The Administrative Assistant in Academic Affairs supervises and is directly responsible for the tasks and responsibilities of the Provost Office staff, including the Document Coordinator, part-time employees, and student workers in the department.  

IV.       Performance Measurement Criteria

An annual confidential performance evaluation will be conducted by the Provost/Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs.  The supervisor will provide a self-evaluation form to assist in determining the degree of proficiency of the duties, tasks and responsibilities as delineated in the job description.  Factors for review include one’s professional appearance and demonstration of integrity.  Also considered is the ability to perform the following: creative thinking and problem solving, fairness and sound judgment, tact, breadth of vision, enthusiasm, self-confidence, organization, follow-through, supervision, timeliness, delegation of responsibility, availability in office service and maintaining records on academic expenditures.  Compatibility with the mission of the university along with the support and involvement with university sponsored activities. Involvement in church, community, social and professional associations are also considered.

V.        Requirements

Ideal Candidate:

  • As a Christian institution, MBU gives preference in hiring to those who have committed their lives to Christ, who can articulate their faith and who are active in a local church.
  • Integrity, professional demeanor, self-disciplined and self-motivated, positive attitude, team member, detail oriented and maintain confidentiality.
  • Ability to work with various personalities, excellent verbal communication, problem solving skill, listening and patience.
  • Well-organized, results oriented, ability to administer, delegate, train, pace, motivate and direct.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both oral and written.
  • Position requires sitting and viewing a computer monitor for extended periods of time daily and the occasional lifting of heavy items.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred. 
  • Prior office experience in higher education desired.  
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications, calendaring software. 

VI.       Compensation:

  •             Salary commensurate with experience and education
  •             Paid health benefits for employee per University policy       

VII.    Start Date: January 2, 2023

To apply for this position, please send your resume, cover letter, and statement of faith to Janet Mayfield, at (janet.mayfield@mobap.edu).  Statement of faith should clearly explain your view of scripture, salvation, and church affiliation.  It should also explain how faith influences your personal and professional life, contributes to your interest in MBU, and prepares you to follow MBU’s mission and core values.