Teacher Education Admission Packet and Procedures

Admission Packet and Procedures (please note that fill-able forms are available for items 3-7 below)

Teacher Education Admission Procedures:

All candidates for Missouri State Teacher Certification must be formally admitted into the Teacher Education program at Missouri Baptist University. This process begins with the Teacher Education Admission Packet completed in conjunction with EDUC 201 Professional Growth and Development I. No student will be allowed to student teach unless he or she has been formally admitted into the Teacher Education program.

The Teacher Education Admission Packet includes the Teacher Education Program Release/Waiver Form, Application for Admission to the Teacher Education Program, Self-Assessment of Diversity Proficiencies (Admission), and Acknowledgment Form, along with submission of a current resume,* educational philosophy,* autobiographical sketch,* three letters of recommendation (one of which must be from a Missouri Baptist University faculty member), ACT or SAT scores, Missouri Educator Profile for teachers (MEP), and Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA) scores (or C-BASE if all subtests were passed as of December 31, 2013**). It must be noted that no undergraduate degree-seeking candidate will be admitted into the Teacher Education program and/or be allowed to student teach without passing all sections of the required general education assessment.*** Post-baccalaureate students seeking initial certification, whether at the graduate- or undergraduate-level, are exempt from the general education assessment requirement.

Students may take the following 20 credit hours prior to completing the process for admission to the Teacher Education Program:

  • EDUC 201 Professional Growth and Folio Development I (Must be taken second semester of the sophomore year or first semester of enrollment for students transferring with a class rank of junior or higher)
  • EDUC 203 Teaching in a Diverse Society † (Must be taken with EDUC 201)
  • EDCL 211 Teaching Field Experience I
  • EDUC 210 Field Experience I Seminar (must be taken concurrently with EDCL 211)
  • EDUC 303 Methods of Teaching and Differentiated Instruction
  • ECTA 323 Curriculum, Assessment and Data-based Decision Making
  • EDUC 373 Technology and Instructional Media (or EDUC 573 Applications of Technology for graduate students)
  • EDPS 383 Psychology of Teaching and Learning
  • PSYC 313 Human Growth and Development (or PSYC 553 Advanced Human Development for graduate students)

According to Education Division policies, students who are not admitted to the Teacher Education Program are not permitted to register for 400/500 level education classes without written approval from the Dean of Education as noted on the Teacher Education Program Admission Probation Form.

Students who transfer in a course that does not include an equivalent field experience must take EDCL 200 Teaching in a Diverse Society Field Experience

*These documents will be reviewed for mechanical errors (grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, etc.) as well as content. The file will not be considered complete until final recommended revisions have been made and accepted.

**Students who have passed all sections of C-BASE have until December 31, 2016, to complete their certification program or else they will need to pass all sections of MoGEA.

***Undergraduate degree-seeking students who have not passed all sections of MoGEA but who have submitted all materials required for admission listed above, and who have passed at least two sections, may be permitted to continue taking education courses at the 400-level provided they have registered for the next available exam date and have submitted a written request for permission to continue to the Dean of the Education Division. Students who fail to pass all remaining sections of MoGEA the second time must register for tutoring and for the next available exam date, again requesting permission to continue in writing to the Dean of the Education Division. Students who fail any section(s) a third time cannot enroll for any additional education coursework until all sections of have been passed.

Candidates must complete an interview for admission after submitting their Teacher Education Admission Packet in order to be admitted to the program. For information on the interview process, see