Student Teaching & MEES

The capstone of the Teacher Education Program, student teaching consists of a full semester of teaching experiences in an appropriate classroom setting in a state or nationally accredited public or private school under the supervision of an experienced and highly qualified cooperating teacher. Students seeking certification in a single content area will complete one sixteen-week teaching experience. Students seeking certification at more than one level (K-12) or in more than one content area must student teach for twelve weeks at one level or content area and four weeks at the other level or content area as approved by the Dean of Education or Director of Field Experiences. This culminating field experience enables students to practice and develop the pedagogical skills necessary to meet the Missouri performance standards for teacher certification. Candidates actively participate and complete required assignments, work with students as requested and under the supervision of the classroom teacher, and have the opportunity and responsibility to lead the class over an extended period of time.

Students pursuing credit for the full semester of student teaching through the portfolio credit for prior learning (CPL) process will be observed teaching a minimum of three lessons by a university supervisor and classroom mentor teacher.  Candidates will actively participate in the classroom and complete required assignments, with the guidance of the classroom mentor teacher and university supervisor.

Students will be concurrently enrolled in EDUC 471/EDMU 470 Student Teaching Seminar, which provides an opportunity for students to share and reflect on their classroom experiences. They will also engage in an action research inquiry-based project to demonstrate instructional impact.  Students will select a focus, identify research questions, collect and analyze date, and report results with informed actions.

Application for Student Teaching and Documents for Placement

After being formally admitted to the Teacher Education program, certification candidates must complete their student teaching (second) interview and apply to student teach. Application for student teaching must be made to the Education Office by November 1 for Spring Student Teaching and by April 1 for Fall Student Teaching. The final decision regarding placement will be left to the discretion of the Director of Field Experiences in order to insure the quality of student teaching experiences in diverse settings. Candidates are required to complete their student teaching experience in the grade level(s) and subject area(s) for which they are seeking recommendation for certification. All other education courses must have been completed satisfactorily prior to beginning student teaching.

International students will need to complete the following Curricular Practical Training  (CPT) form which must be submitted to the International Student Office and approved before beginning any field placements.

A completed background check is required by most school districts prior to beginning observations in all field experiences and for student teaching. A new background check is required each semester. All students participating in a field experience or student teaching are required to request a background check through the Family Care Safety Registry of the Department of Health and Senior Services. Visit the website at https://health.mo.gov/safety/fcsr/ to register or for more information. To expedite placement, all students should complete the background check process at the time of the student teaching interview.

Some districts have additional requirements for placement consideration, including current TB test results or valid substitute certificate. Certain districts also have application deadlines which are different from those set by MBU. The following list is subject to change without notice as individual school districts determine which documents they will require for student teaching placement.

For information on applying for a substitute certificate and obtaining an FBI fingerprint background check, which is required for certification, visit the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website at https://dese.mo.gov/educator-quality/certification/fingerprintingbackground-check.

Mandatory SP-21 Student Teaching Orientation will be held Tuesday, December 8, 2020, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., in Pillsbury Chapel.

Student teachers need to arrive no later than 8:45 a.m. as pictures will be taken beforehand in the Gallery.

MBU requires that you have liability insurance through S-MSTA when you are in the classroom observing or student teaching. S-MSTA membership includes $2,000,000 in liability insurance. There is no cost for membership. (For students enrolled at the Franklin County Regional Learning Center in Union the chapter dues are $7.00.) Students need to apply online at https://www.msta.org/student-missouri-state-teachers-association-smsta/ for the annual membership (July 1-July 1). Proof of membership must be submitted to the Field Experiences Office on the Main campus prior to beginning your observations, field experience, or student teaching.

Professional Development Plan

The Professional Competency Profile has been renamed as the Professional Development Plan. All references to the Professional Competency Profile below are relevant to the Professional Development Plan.

Professional Competency Profile Webinar:  The Professional Competency Profile Webinar was presented and recorded Tuesday, 11/17/2015. Dr. Hairston discussed a variety of aspects related to the purpose, development, and use of the Professional Competency Profile (beginning 4:48 of the recorded webinar). It is important for candidates to review the presentation. The webinar included written comments from four building principals (beginning 18:08) and commentary from Linda Kaiser, HR Director @ Park Hill School District, Kansas City, (28:00-33:26) about the importance of this document in connecting preparation to practice as a first year teacher. The webinar runs 58 minutes in length.

  • The link to the recorded webinar is:  http://desemo.adobeconnect.com/p4tqvp7kmoa/
  • There has been a change in the format for the Professional Competency Profile. Please use this document in developing your PDP: Professional Development Plan Template Revised July 2018This is a Word template so you can type in the boxes.
  • A copy of your completed Professional Development Plan with signatures, including cooperating teacher and field supervisor, needs to be submitted to Kathleen Wendt at the end of the semester.
  • You need to keep a copy for yourself!

Student Evaluation of Educator Preparation Program

The MBU School of Education is interested in the feedback of our teacher certification candidates regarding the strengths and weaknesses of our educator preparation program. You will be emailed a survey link for the Student Evaluation of Educator Preparation Program toward the end of the semester. All information is confidential, although we are required to compile all responses and report the aggregated data for accreditation purposes. This evaluation must be completed before we will submit your Application for Certification to DESE. We hope to use the results of your comments and suggestions to improve and strengthen the entire MBU Teacher Education Program.