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The mission of the Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, with a built-in Business Administration minor, is to equip students to enter the competitive field for a life-long career. Students should also be equipped to enter graduate school and complete an advanced degree in a related field.

The Information Technology discipline provides curriculum that can lead to life-long careers in Information Technology. Students are prepared by receiving a core of technical knowledge and choose an area of concentration. Selected courses are designed so students may obtain entry level Information Technology certifications in addition to their degree. In addition, the curriculum provides a Business Administration minor so students are equipped to provide organizations with technology solutions that are related to their mission. Ultimately, the goal is for students to be ethically and technically well rounded, and a liaison between business and technology.

  • Lead applications developer
  • Applications architect
  • Messaging administrator
  • Data modeler
  • Network manager
  • IT auditor
  • Web developer
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Help desk
  • Staff consultant

MAJOR: (includes Business Administration minor)

School of Business Core Requirements
ACCT 213 Principles of Financial Accounting 3
ACCT 223 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3
MATH 243 Probability and Statistics1 3
BUSN 303 Business Ethics 3

BUSN 363 Financial Management 3
BUSN 463 Strategic Management 3
BUSN 281 Career and Professional Development 1
ECON 123 Microeconomics2 3
BUSN 353 Communication Strategies in Business 3
MGMT 303 Management Concepts and Practices 3
MRKT 313 Introduction to Marketing 3
Total Hours 31

1Bachelor of Science Degree Requirement credit hours
2General Education Requirement credit hours

Technical Core Courses
BCIS 303 Information Technology Theory and Practice 3
ITBU 203 Introduction to Application Development 3
ITBU 213 IT Infrastructure 3
ITBU 313 Introduction to Cyber Security 3
ITBU 333 System Analysis and Design 3
ITBU 353 Data and Information Management 3
ITBU 363 Business Analytics 3
ITBU 473 Project Management 3
Total Hours 24

Concentration: Candidates should choose one area in which to specialize for a total of 12 hours.

General Concentration
Upper Division ITBU Elective Courses 9
Upper Division Business Division Elective Courses 3

Cyber Security Concentration
ITBU 383 Application Security 3
ITBU 433 Organizational Security 3
ITBU 443 Risk Management: Threats and Counter Measures 3
ITBU 453 Audit and Control 3

Application Developer Concentration
ITBU 303 Intermediate Application Development 3
ITBU 403 Human-Centered Interaction/Web Design 3
ITBU 413 Advanced Application Development 3
ITBU 423 Database Application Development 3
Total Hours 12

Total Hours to Complete Major Requirements 67

  • Students should pay careful attention to courses which are only offered once a year, or every other year (see course descriptions), so that graduation may occur in a timely manner.
  • Students are encouraged to declare a second major before completing 60 hours.

MINOR: Information Technology (for all majors)

BCIS 303 Information Technology Theory and Practice 3
ITBU 203 Introduction to Application Development 3
ITBU 213 IT Infrastructure 3
ITBU 333 System Analysis and Design 3
ITBU 353 Data and Information Management 3
ITBU 473 Project Management 3
Total Hours to Complete Minor Requirements 21

Karen Kannenberg, D.Mgt.

Acting Dean, School of Business
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Dean of University Diversity/ Inclusion Initiative,
Associate Professor of Business Administration

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Associate Professor of Educational Research; Director for Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research
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Steve Gustafson, CPA, MAcc, MST

Special Lecturer in Accounting
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Brian Jackson, MBA

Instructor of Business Administration
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Assistant Professor of Marketing and Business Administration
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