Data Analytics

Data has become an essential tool for most companies, as they generate, collect and use it to drive business value. Data allows companies to reach their target audiences better, increase sales and streamline operations. As data collecting grows, so does the demand for professionals skilled in data analytics. Missouri Baptist University’s Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in any industry and become the data expert companies need.

In accordance with the mission statement of Missouri Baptist University and the academic program, the Data Analytics discipline provides curriculum appropriate for a major field of study preparing students for the professional and ethical practice in business.

Internship opportunities are available to School of Business majors and minors in the areas of Accounting, Business Administration, Management, and Marketing. Students must have completed coursework in the internship field prior to enrolling in this course. Students will be exposed to real world experiences in a specific field of business. Variable credit may be taken in different field settings, though it is not to exceed a combined total of six hours. See the course description under each field for more information.