Chemistry with Concentration in Forensic Science

This major prepares students for employment in forensic science and criminal investigation laboratories or for applying to graduate forensic chemistry programs. Forensic chemistry deals with the application of chemistry to criminal investigation. A forensic scientist, specializing in area of chemical analysis of forensic evidence, will require a strong background in the different methods of laboratory analysis and must be able to effectively communicate the findings of the laboratory analyses in lab reports and in the courtroom. The curriculum provides a strong theoretical and experimental background in chemistry, analytical chemistry techniques and modern instrumentation. Students in this program also develop skills in areas such as criminal investigation, criminal law and procedure, evidence collection and communication.

  • Assistant Scientist
  • Biochemist
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Research Assistant
  • DNA Analyst
  • Toxicologist
  • Crime Scene Investigators

Required Natural Sciences General Education Courses:
CHEM 133 + 132 General Chemistry I 5
CHEM 143 + 142 General Chemistry II 5
MATH 164 Calculus I 4
MATH 243 Probability and Statistics 3

Hours required for major: 62

Chemistry Courses (beyond CHEM 143+142) 30

Required Chemistry (CHEM) courses: 22-24
CHEM 313+312 Organic Chemistry I 5
CHEM 323+322 Organic Chemistry II 5
CHEM 342+332 Analytical Chemistry 4
CHEM 472+462 Molecular Modeling 4
CHEM 484-486 Chemistry Research 4-6

Chemistry Electives (at least two courses from the following): 6-9
CHEM 372-374 Instructional Methods and Problems 2-4
CHEM 413 Physical Chemistry I 3
CHEM 443+441 Biochemistry 4
CHEM 453+452 Modern Instrumental Analysis 5

Required Criminal Justice (CRJS) courses: 18
CRJS 133 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJS 233 Criminal Investigation 3
CRPO 303 Foundations of Law 3
CRJS 313 Criminology 3
CRJS 423 Criminal Law and Procedure 3
CRJS 433/533 Evidence 3

Criminal Justice Elective (at least one course from the following):
CRJS 343 Criminal Courts, Probation and Parole 3
CRJS 413 Criminal Justice Seminar: Ethics 3
CRPO 453 Constitutional Law 3

Required Communications (COMM) course: 3
COMM 333 Small Group Communication 3

Required Physics (PHYS) courses: 8
PHYS 213+211 General Physics I 4
PHYS 223+221 General Physics II 4

Jerry Deese, Natural Sciences Division Chair

Natural Science Chair; Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Contact information:

David Collum, Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences

Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences; Data Analyst
Contact information:

Mark Duerr, Assistant Professor of Biology and Biochemistry

Assistant Professor of Biology and Biochemistry
Contact information:

Alicia Pate, Assistant Professor of Biology

Assistant Professor of Biology and Biochemistry
Contact information:

Shayani Pieris, Assistant Professor of Plant Sciences

Assistant Professor of Plant Sciences
Contact information:

David Smith, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Contact information:

Lydia Thebeau, Dean of Academic Advisement and Allied

Dean of Academic Advisement and Allied Health Initiatives, Professor of Biology
Contact information:

Mary Vedamuthu, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Contact information:

Carrie Wahlman, Assistant Professor of Biology

Assistant Professor of Biology
Contact information:

Craig Walston, Adjunct Instructor of Natural Sciences

Instructor of Natural Sciences; Head Women’s Softball Coach
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