Lesson Plan Design

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The Missouri Baptist University Education Division has developed a lesson plan format that all students are required to employ in designing lesson plans for use in field experiences, student teaching, and other courses at the university which require students to develop their own lesson plans.  On this page you will find a template that should be used to assure that all components of the lesson plan are being addressed.

Download this fill-able form to develop your own lesson plans:  MBU Lesson Plan Format – Fillable Form2


Additional information regarding curriculum and lesson plan development may be found on the DESE website.


squarelogoonlyMBU is in a partnership with CEEDAR, which stands for “Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability and Reform.” This link,, is from the CEEDAR website and provides resources for Universal Design for Learning (UDL).   The Universal Design for Learning framework can be used to make curriculum design and classroom instruction accessible for all students to meet the needs of all learners.  For example, in the resources is an introduction to UDL. During the introduction, participants will begin a KWL chart, watch two videos about Universal Design in architecture and design, connect ideas in architecture and product design to classrooms and curricular design, interact with the learner variability model and watch a video that describes the learner variability model, get introduced to the idea of equitable opportunities, and become familiar with some key vocabulary.

There are many resources on the CEEDAR site which are available for your use.  Feel free to explore CEEDAR!