Information for Field Supervisors and Cooperating Teachers/Librarians

It is our goal to provide access on this page to the information and forms you may need for mentoring and evaluating student teachers and those petitioning for credit for prior learning for student teaching.

All students will be concurrently enrolled in EDUC 471 Student Teaching Seminar, which provides an opportunity for students to share and reflect on their classroom experiences. They will also engage in an action research inquiry-based project to demonstrate instructional impact.  Students will select a focus, identify research questions, collect and analyze date, and report results with informed actions.


University Field Supervisor Cooperating Teacher/Librarian 
University Supervisor’s Checklist X
Information for Cooperating Teacher July 2019 X X
Requirements for Student Teachers-Cooperating Teachers-University Supervisors –Updated July 2019 X X
Standards and Quality Indicators Webmap X X
MEES Optional Tool June 2019 FINAL Optional Optional
Calibration Article: 5 Tips to Understanding and Avoiding Bias in Teacher Performance Evaluations X X
MEES Training Information on DESE website X X
Field Supervisor Site Evaluation Fillable Form X


Professional Development Plan

The Professional Competency Profile has been renamed as the Professional Development Plan. All references to the Professional Competency Profile below are relevant to the Professional Development Plan.

Professional Competency Profile Webinar:  The Professional Competency Profile Webinar was presented and recorded Tuesday, 11/17/2015. Dr. Hairston discussed a variety of aspects related to the purpose, development, and use of the Professional Competency Profile (beginning 4:48 of the recorded webinar). It is important for candidates to review the presentation. The webinar included written comments from four building principals (beginning 18:08) and commentary from Linda Kaiser, HR Director @ Park Hill School District, Kansas City, (28:00-33:26) about the importance of this document in connecting preparation to practice as a first year teacher. The webinar runs 58 minutes in length.