Sport Management


The sport management program at Missouri Baptist University is designed to assist students in developing skills to organize, administer and facilitate sport programs at the corporate, agency, professional and amateur levels. Opportunities are provided to develop knowledge and skills relevant to the performance of these functions.

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Sport Management graduates work in a variety of supervisory and management positions in sport-related organizations and businesses including:

  • Professional teams
  • Semi-professional teams
  • Youth sports programs
  • Intercollegiate athletics
  • Intramural sports
  • Sport foundations
  • Health and fitness clubs
  • Ice arenas
  • Aquatic facilities
  • Golf courses
  • Sport equipment retailing
  • Boy’s Clubs
  • Girl’s Clubs
  • YMCA
  • County park and recreation departments
  • Youth sport programs
  • Ice arenas
  • Community centers
  • Theme parks
  • Travel companies
  • Tourism planning agencies
  • Event planning businesses

Area Professional Sport Organizations

Area University Athletic Programs

Other Area Sport Organizations

Required courses: 36 hours

SMGT 113 Introduction to Sport Management
SMGT 223 Sport Management Practicum
SMGT 253 Tournament and Event Management
SMGT 263 Communication in Sport
SMGT 323 Governance and Leadership in Sport
SMGT 333 Sport Sociology
SMGT 373 Sport Marketing
PHED 413/5131 Sport Facility Management
SMGT 423/5231 Sport Law
SMGT 433/5331 Sport Psychology
SMGT 463/5631 Sport Finance
SMGT 483 Senior Seminar in Sport Management

Elective courses: 24 hours*
*Qualifying students may spend the equivalent of full-time
employment (400 hours) in an appropriate agency for six elective
internship credit hours. Prerequisites: 90 hours of accumulated
course credit, a minimum of 24 hours of course credit
completed in the major, 3.0 GPA in the major, and the internship
coordinator’s permission. Students may also satisfy the elective
requirements by selecting courses with the consent of the
program advisor and/or by pursuing a minor in one of the
following areas: Accounting, Business Administration, Health
Science, Information Technology, Physical Education,
Management, Marketing, or Public Relations.

Total required: 60 hours

*It is strongly suggested that Sport Management students:

• Focus on an interest area early. This interest area will determine
the area of specialization and will hopefully lead to a minor
from the recommended list above.
• Be cognizant of courses which are only offered once a year so
that graduation can occur in a timely fashion.
• Finish all undergraduate requirements in the same semester as
the internship. This will allow full-time employment to be
more readily available after graduation.

EXSC 113 Introduction to Exercise Science
EXSC 313 Exercise Physiology I
EXSC 321+323 Exercise Physiology II and Lab
EXSC 343 Motor Learning
EXSC 363 Adapted Physical Education
EXSC 411+413 Exercise Testing and Prescription and lab

Total Hours: 20

BIOL 213+211 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 223+221 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 303 Nutrition Science
KHSC 102 Substance Abuse
KHSC 373 Community Health
EXSC 233 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries/Illnesses
KHSC 333 Health and Wellness

Total Hours: 22

SMGT 113 Introduction to Sport Management
SMGT 263 Communication in Sport
SMGT 373 Sport Marketing
SMGT 423/5231 Sport Law
SMGT 433/5331 Sport Psychology
SMGT 463/5631 Sport Finance

Total Hours 18