Fitness Management


Missouri Baptist University prepares students to enter graduate or professional school in fitness management through psycho-social, ethical, economic, legal, and political factors affecting the management and administration of fitness organizations. The application of management principles to the sport industry distinguishes this program from the others offered within the division. Through the practical application of the programs theoretical underpinnings, fitness management majors learn about personal and community health, communication, entrepreneurship and marketing through a Christian worldview.

Natural Science Courses: 3
BIOL 213+211 Anatomy and Physiology I **
BIOL 223+221 Anatomy and Physiology II **
BIOL 303 Nutrition Science

Personal and Community Health Courses: 6
KHSC 103 Substance Abuse
KHSC 333 Health and Wellness **
PSYC 213 Personal Adjustment

Sports and Athletics Courses: 9
PHED 133 First Aid and CPR
EXSC 233 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries/Illnesses
EXSC 283 History and Philosophy of Sport

Exercise Science and Management Courses: 32
EXSC 113 Introduction to Exercise Science OR
SMGT 113 Introduction to Sport Management
EXSC 313 Exercise Physiology I
EXSC 321 Exercise Physiology II Lab
EXSC 323 Exercise Physiology II Lecture
EXSC 363 Adapted Physical Activity
EXSC 411 Exercise Testing and Prescription Lab 1
EXSC 413 Exercise Testing and Prescription
EXSC 403/5031 Exercise Psychology OR
SMGT 433/5331 Sport Psychology
EXSC 453/5531 Fitness Management
EXSC 483/5831 Principles of Human Performance
SMGT 423/5231 Sport Law
SMGT 463/5631 Sport Finance

Business Courses:
ENTR 303 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUSN 481 Interviewing Techniques

Experience: 6
EXSC 223 Exercise Science OR
SMGT Sport Management Practicum 223


EXSC 473B Internship in Exercise Science


EXSC 476 Internship in Exercise Science OR
SMGT 476 Internship in Sport Management

Total Hours: 60