Online or Hybrid Master’s Degree in Sport Management (MSSMGT)


PROGRAM entirely ONLINE or partially ON CAMPUS!

The Missouri Baptist University Master of Science in Sport Management (MSSMGT) program will provide you with skills to effectively manage in a wide range of sport-related enterprises including: interscholastic athletics, intercollegiate athletics, amateur and professional sports, sport-marketing firms, special-event management, and facility management. Proceed through the program on your own schedule and at your own pace as you work towards your career in sport business. Choose to complete the entire MSSMGT degree program online or take several courses on campus!


As an online student you will be able to keep up with your outside obligations while becoming engaged in the rigorous online/blended MSSMGT coursework.  As you progress through your classroom experiences, your performance will be continually evaluated. At the end of the program you will be given the opportunity to either apply knowledge and feedback through the completion of a 400 hour internship program or through a thesis proposal, research, and defense process.

Proceed through MBU’s online programs on your own schedule and at your own pace as you work toward your career in sport managemnt. We engage students in the same rigorous program they can expect from our traditional on-campus degree through a convenient online format, allowing them to keep up with outside obligations at the same time.

The cost of enrolling in Missouri Baptist University’s online Sport Management program, compared to local private and public schools, is one of the lowest in the area. The overall cost, including tuition and fees, is highly competitive, and we also offer financial aid to eligible students.


Students solve problems, develop professionally and think creatively through projects, internships, and research. Through our Master’s degree in Sport Management program, students explore the interdisciplinary relationships within and between professional sports, amateur sports, and leisure time recreation. With this advanced education, students can become agents of change in their future careers in fitness.

For more details on this online graduate degrees at Missouri Baptist University, please contact Craig Bodenschatz, Director of Online Recruitment, at or 314.744.7638. 

For students who wish to obtain graduate credit, but who don’t have time to devote to a full program of study, Missouri Baptist University offers a fitness management certificate, sport management certificate, and an exercise science certificate.

Fitness Management Certificate (12 hours)

  • EXSC 553 Fitness Management
  • KHSC 513 Chronic Disease and Obesity
  • SMGT 543 Sport Marketing
  • SMGT 563 Sport Finance

Sport Management Certificate (12 hours)

  • SMGT 523 Sport Law
  • SMGT 533 Sport Psychology
  • SMGT 563 Sport Finance
  • PHED 513 Sport Facility Management

Exercise Science Certificate (12 hours)

  • EXSC 553 Fitness Management
  • EXSC 583 Principles of Human Performance
  • KHSC 513 Chronic Disease and Obesity
  • SMGT 533 Sport Psychology

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