Program Requirements

Play Therapy Classroom

The MBU Play Therapy Program accepts students currently enrolled in or hold a masters degree from one of the following fields of study; Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, School Counseling, Social Work, Psychology, or Psychiatry.

Graduate students should be aware that there is a 7 year time limit, set by APT, to complete their play therapy training (play therapy instruction, 350 hours of client contact, and 35 hours of play therapy supervision), master’s degree, and hours to attain professional license. If a graduate student cannot complete these requirements set by APT in 7 years from the time they start the play therapy program, they are required to wait until they are further in their graduate coursework or have finished their graduate program.

It is recommended that graduate students begin the play therapy program a semester or two before their internship classes for their masters degree. This way students can attain both their play therapy hours of experience and their hours required for internship simultaneously instead of having two separate clinical experiences.

Students or professionals who have already started their play therapy training and wish to take a few classes through MBU to complete their hours are also welcome to apply. These individuals must supply a transcript with course syllabus or certificate of completion with the workshop/seminar learning objectives of their already completed play therapy courses with their application to the program. Materials will be reviewed and accepted on a case by case basis to determine which program classes may be bypassed.