In accordance with the mission statement of Missouri Baptist University and the academic program, the Theatre discipline offers undergraduate courses of study that equip students with basic skills in theatrical production and prepares them for positions that require heightened aesthetic awareness of drama. Additional purposes of the theatre program are to provide classes and dramatic experience for students majoring in other fields, as well as cultural experiences for the University community.

An admission audition is required. A mandatory review of the student’s progress in performance, design, or technical skills will be administered at the end of each semester.  A Sophomore Proficiency will be administered at the end of the student’s fourth semester of study to determine sufficient progress in the chosen field.

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  • Actor
  • Stage Manager
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Teacher
  • Arts fundraiser
  • Scenic, costume, or lighting designer
  • Dramaturge
  • Playwright
  • Business Manager
  • Community arts center director

Required Communications course: 3 hours
COST 403 Oral Interpretation of Literature

Required Performance courses: 8 semesters
MUSC 111/311 Theatre Production
THEP 111/311 Theatre Production

Required Theatre courses: 38 hours
THEA 101 Theatre Media
THEA 113 Acting I
THEA 123 Script Analysis
THEA 213 Stage Makeup
THEA 223 Acting II
THEA 233 Stagecraft
THEA 313 History of Theatre I
THEA 323 History of Theatre II
THEA 333 Directing
THEA 363 Acting III
THEA 413 Tools of the Actor: Voice and Movement
THEA 423 Theatrical Costuming
THEA 433 Stage Management
THEP 473 Theatre Internship
THEA 481 Senior Capstone Project

Total hours for Major in Speech/Theatre: 49

Recommended Electives:
ENGL 243 Survey of American and British Literature
ENGL 353A British Literature I (The Middles Ages Through the Early 17th Century)
ENGL 353B British Literature II (Since the Restoration)
ENGL 373 Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton
MUAV 101 Voice Lesson (Elective/Secondary)
THEA 243 Dance I
THEA 343 Dance II
THEA 353 Drama in Ministry
THEA 401-3 Special Topics in Theatre
THMU 353 Musical Theatre History


The student must complete at least eighteen hours in Theatre from the following courses, including six hours of upper division electives. Of the six hours of electives, at least three hours must be upper division and at least two hours must be in the performance area (MUTS or THEP). Elective courses include any relating directly to dramatic reading, writing, directing, technical theatre, or theatrical performance. Possible electives include any theatre course (THEA, THEP, or THMU) and COST 403 Oral Interpretation of Literature.

Required Theatre courses: 12 hours
THEA 113 Acting I
THEA 213 Stage Make-up
THEA 233 Stagecraft
THEA 313 History of Theatre I
THEA 323 History of Theatre II

Electives: 3 hours of upper division and a minimum of 2 hours from performance classes (THEP 111/311 or MUTS 131/331).

Total hours for Minor in Theatre: 21