Unified Science

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Undergraduate candidates seeking to teach at the secondary level must have a primary major in Unified Science. Students must also select a concentration area in either biology or chemistry, which will constitute a minor.

Applicable degrees: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Professional Studies

IDST 313 History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

BIOL 111 General Biology I Laboratory

BIOL 113 General Biology I

BIOL 121 General Biology II Laboratory

BIOL 123 General Biology II

CHEM 132L General Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 132P General Chemistry I Problem Solving

CHEM 133 General Chemistry I

CHEM 142L General Chemistry II Laboratory

CHEM 142P General Chemistry II Problem Solving

CHEM 143 General Chemistry II

PHYS 211 General Physics I Laboratory

PHYS 213 General Physics I

PHYS 221 General Physics II Laboratory

PHYS 223 General Physics II

PHYS 122 Geology and Earth Science Laboratory

PHYS 123 Geology and Earth Science

PHYS 383 Meteorology

BIOL 321A Environmental Science and Conservation Laboratory

BIOL 323A Environmental Science and Conservation

BIOL 211 Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory

BIOL 213 Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOL 221 Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory

BIOL 223 Anatomy and Physiology II

BIOL 371 Microbiology Laboratory

BIOL 373 Microbiology

BIOL 341 Genetics Laboratory

BIOL 343 Genetics

BIOL 423 Cell Biology

BIOL 401 Integrating Concepts of Biology

CHEM 312 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 313 Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 322 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

CHEM 323 Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 332 Analytic Chemistry Laboratory

CHEM 342 Analytic Chemistry

CHEM 413 Physical Chemistry I

CHEM 441 Biochemistry Laboratory

CHEM 443 Biochemistry

CHEM 452 Modern Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

CHEM 453 Modern Instrumental Analysis

EDUC 210 Field Experience I Seminar

EDCL 211 Teaching Field Experience I

EDPS 383 Psychology of Teaching and Learning

EDUC 213 Foundational Perspectives of Education

EDUC 301 Professional Growth and Portfolio Development

EDUC 303 Methods of Teaching

EDUC 373 Technology and Instructional Media

PSYC 313 Human Growth and Development

PSYC 343 Adolescent Psychology

EDPS 453 The Exceptional Child

EDUC 410 Field Experience II

EDCL 411 Teaching Field Experience II

EDRD 423 Integration of Literacy Instruction and Content Areas

EDUC 401 Professional Growth and Portfolio Development II

ETOP 423 Classroom and Behavior Management

EDUC 313 Curriculum Development for Secondary Education: Seminar and Field Experience

EDMS 483 Teaching Science in Grades 5 - 12: Seminar and Field Experience

ESCL 476 Student Teaching: Secondary School

EDUC 471 Student Teaching Seminar

Dr. Jim Bimes
Associate Professor of Education
Office: FLD-351
Phone: 314-392-2379
Email: BIMESJ@mobap.edu

Dr. Ron Brandly
Assistant Professor of Education
Office: Troy/Wentzville Ext.
Phone: 636-366-4363
Email:  BrandRG@mobap.edu

Mr. James Chellew
Jefferson College Site Coordinator; Assistant Professor of Education
Office: Jefferson College
Phone: 636-797-3000 ext. 559
Email:   ChellJ@mobap.edu

Dr. Mary Ann Conway
Professor of Education; Director of Graduate Counseling
Office: FLD-317
Phone: 314-392-2332
Email:  Conway@mobap.edu

Dr. Diane Denney
Director of Special Education; Professor of Education
Office: Portable Building
Phone: 314-744-5407
Fax: 314-727-7367
Email: denneyd@mobap.edu

Dr. Mark Engelhardt
Professor of Education; Education Site Coordinator
Office: Troy/Wentzville Ext.
Phone: 636-366-4363
Email:   Engelhardt@mobap.edu

Dr. John Freeman
Jefferson Graduate Field Site Coordinator; Professor of Education
Office: Jefferson College
Phone: 636-797-3000 ext. 241
Email:   freeman@mobap.edu

Mr. Jim French
Education Division Chair; Professor of Education
Office: FLD-315
Phone: 314-392-2323
Email:  FRENCH@mobap.edu

Dr. Patricia Guyton
Director of Field Experience; Assistant Professor of Education
Office: FLD-313
Phone: 314-744-5339
Email:  GuytonP@mobap.edu

Dr. Amber Henry
Extension Dean/Associate Professor of Education
Office: Jefferson College
Phone: 636-797-3000 ext. 214
Email:  HenryA@mobap.edu

Dr. Edward Hillhouse
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies; Professor of Education
Office: Franklin County
Phone: 636-629-4111
Email:   HillhED@mobap.edu

Dr. Carl Holschen
Associate Professor of Education
Office: FLD-349
Phone: 314-744-7601
Email:  HolschenC@mobap.edu

Dr. Douglas Morris
Assistant Director of Excel; Professor of Education
Office: FLD-340
Phone: 314-392-2289
Email:  MorriD@mobap.edu

Mr. Lowell Pitzer
Coordinator of Physical Education and health Science; Coordinator of Kinesiology & Health Science Program
Office: FLD-341
Phone: 314-392-2317
Email:  Pitzer@mobap.edu

Dr. Judith Scott
Associate Professor of Education
Office: Main
Phone: 314-744-5404
Email: ScottJa@mobap.edu

Dr. Thomas Smith
Director of Athletics; Associate Professor of Education; Professor of Education/Health and Sport Sciences
Office: Athletics
Phone: 314-392-2264
Email:  SMITHT@mobap.edu

Dr. Shelton Smith
Union Site Coordinator; Associate Professor of Education; Director of Educational Admin. Programs
Office: FLD-352
Phone: 636-583-6600
Email:  smithse@mobap.edu

Dr. Pam Stanfield
Professor of Education
Office: FLD-353
Phone: 314-392-2389
Email:  Stanfield@mobap.edu

Dr. Charles Stikes
Professor of counseling/Sociology
Office: FLD-319
Phone: 314-744-5329
Email:  Stikes@mobap.edu

Mrs. Marsha Tierney
Assistant Professor of Education
Office: Franklin County
Phone: 573-468-3719
Email:  TiernM@mobap.edu

Dr. Van Vaughn
Associate Professor of Counseling and Education
Office: FLD-346
Phone: 314-392-2283
Email:   VanVaughn@mobap.edu