K-12 and Secondary Education

Students must have a primary, content area major to pursue certification at the K-12 or secondary (grades 9-12) level.

Students must meet all requirements for certification before this degree will be conferred, including passing the following: 1) required sections of the Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA); 2) the Professional Development Folio (semester prior to student teaching); 3) the Missouri Content Assessment(s) (MoCA) for each area of certification sought; and 4) a passing composite score on their summative evaluation in the Missouri Educator Evaluation System (MEES).

Applicable degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Professional Studies, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Music Education

At the K-12 level, certification is offered in the following areas: Health Education, Music Education (vocal-choral or instrumental), Physical Education, and Library Media Specialist (available at the graduate-level only). Add-on certification in Special Reading, which requires two years of teaching experience, is also available at the graduate-level only.

At the secondary level, certification is offered in Biology Education, Business Education, Chemistry Education, English, Marketing Education, Mathematics, Social Science, and Speech/Theatre.  Secondary certification in combination with middle school certification in the same content area is offered for Business Education, English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Science, and Speech Theatre. Add-on certification is also available for Driver Education (9-12).

Subject-specific course requirements for the following areas of K-12 or secondary certification are included under their respective divisions: English (Humanities), Mathematics (Natural Sciences), Music Education (Fine Arts), Social Science (Social and Behavioral Sciences Division), and Speech/Theatre (Fine Arts).

Subject-specific course requirements leading to a baccalaureate degree and/or a teaching certificate in Biology Education, Business Education, Chemistry Education, Health Education, Marketing Education, and Physical Education are listed with the School of Education majors.


All degree plans reflect current Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) certification rules.

K-12 Programs

Post-baccalaureate Certification Programs (available with or without a Master of Arts in Teaching)

Secondary Programs

Secondary-Middle Combined Programs

Undergraduate Programs:

Ms. Kathleen C. Wendt
Director of Teacher Certification Advising
Office: FLD-341
Phone: 314-392-2324
Email: kathleen.wendt@mobap.edu

Graduate Programs:

Ms. Grace Green
Graduate Advisor – Master of Arts in Teaching
Office: Graduate Office
Phone: 314-744-5381
Email: grace.green@mobap.edu