Physical Education

Physical Education (Grades K-12) is available as a stand-alone program or in combination with Health Education (Grades K-12).

Applicable Degree: Bachelor of Science

See Missouri Baptist University 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

BS in Physical Education/K-12 Education

Dual Degree: BS in Health Education/Physical Education Combined with BPS in K-12 Education

Ms. Kathleen C. Wendt
Director of Teacher Certification Advising
Office: FLD-312
Phone: 314-392-2324
Email: kathleen.wendt@mobap.edu

Mrs. Deborah Dumey
Undergraduate Education Advisor
Office: FLD-349
Phone: 314-744-7656
Email: deborah.dumey@mobap.edu

Mr. Lowell Pitzer
Assistant Professor of Education; Program Coordinator for Health and Physical Education
Office: FLD-341
Phone: 314-392-2317
Email: lowell.pitzer@mobap.edu