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Service Features

All motorcoaches are high specification touring vehicles, always less than 3 years old. All are air conditioned with reclining seats. Most vehicles are have a capacity of 49 or 51 passengers.

Hotel Accommodation

We use centrally located 3 star hotels. Rooms are primarily double occupancy with some triple occupancy rooms available upon request. All are separate single beds. Rooms have private bathrooms and typically are equipped with tea/coffee machines and flat screen TVs. Where possible we use hotels which are in the traditional style of the host country.

On-Site Staffing

We custom design the on-site staffing to suit the needs and requirements of your faculty. Some faculty are familiar with the cities they are visiting and prefer to lead their own visits. Others will prefer to benefit from the local knowledge and expertise of our own local expert guides. We will provide as much assistance as needed. Technical/academic specific visits such as visits to companies, workshops or other facilities are conducted by staff from the host organization.

On-Site Support

In addition to the on-site, Select Travel Study has a staff of over 130 personnel across 6 European offices including the UK our head office, Spain, Italy, Germany/Austria and Russia. We have well developed security procedures and contingencies for handling geo-political events, natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances which adversely impact the well being of programs travelling in Europe. In addition faculty have 24 hour access to the additional support of live central office staff in Europe. These are our own staffed offices not sub-contracted third party suppliers. We also continually monitor the US State Department advisories as well as local European security sources.


Gratuities are included for all services with the exception of tour guides and motor coach drivers. These are completely at your discretion. We are often asked for a guideline, and we suggest that excellent service be recognized at a rate of $3 per person per day for the guide and $2 per person per day for the motor coach drivers. Upon request, we can incorporate all gratuities into the program and budget and disburse the funds on your behalf.

Drinks Policy

All breakfasts are full and include juices, tea and coffee. Programmed lunches and dinners include table water but do not include sodas, branded mineral water, wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages.

Single Rooms

A limited number of private occupancy rooms are available for non faculty. They do incur an additional cost.