Goals and Guidelines

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  • Develop strategic plan and SWOTS for OAIR
  • Develop a long-range academic model (key factors, enrollment, and finances) including the creation of a university dashboard.
  • Conduct/analyze surveys (Student Satisfaction, Alumni Survey, Climate Survey, etc.).
  • Provide data support and advisement for the accreditation (i.e. HLC Academy Team).
  • Coordinate research courses and work with faculty (Doctoral Program Course Only).
  • Oversee Annual Program Review of all academic divisions/departments.
  • Present findings of student outcomes analyses along with meaningful recommendations.
  • Develop a data warehouse process and maintain a college “data warehouse dictionary”.
  • Data Integrity – Create a university data policy/procedure handbook.
  • Develop software skills to enhance efficiency for all IRA Staff (Excel Power Pivot Tables, Word, etc.).


The following guidelines and procedures will be implemented in order to ensure the integrity of institutional data and departmental reports.

  • Work with data custodians to develop audit procedures and archiving practices to ensure data quality
  • Be responsive to requests for information.
  • Complete in a timely, accurate, consistent manner.
  • Be pro-active, take initiative in the development of new institutional research topics and reports.
  • Present implications of research analyses along with meaningful recommendation.
  • Use technology to enhance the effectiveness of the department.
  • Work as team members and facilitators throughout the University.
  • Coordinate all College assessment and student outcome activities.
  • Be responsible for the development, implementation, and management of a comprehensive institutional assessment plan.
  • Establish appropriate benchmarks, monitor the benchmarks, and report the results to the appropriate persons.
  • Develop, maintain, and manage Institutional databases.
  • Develop and maintain an Institutional strategic plan and models.


  • Oversee the SWOT to Planning Module
  • Facilitate the development of a University Culture of Student Outcomes
  • Track and Analyze student outcomes (Institutional/Division/Program/Course,
    Internal/External, Curricular/Co-Curricular)
  • Develop a data collection schedule for data (accreditation, assessment, and student outcomes)
  • Develop a process that designates individuals (departments and divisions) to be held accountable in data collection for various tasks required for assessment and accreditation.
  • Course Evaluation Analysis