First Annual simSchool Conference: Changing the Face of Education

Call for Presentations

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Open February 25, 2019 – closes May 17, 2019

The first annual simEducation Conference 2019 presents the theory, history, and ongoing simSchool research. It aims to bring simSchool users and researchers together to share experiences and define additional opportunities. [More about the simSchool community here]

If you have done any research or used simSchool in any way, please present your findings at the conference.

The simEducation Conference is designed for:

  • Teacher Educators in All Disciplines
  • K-12 Administrators/Principals/Teachers/Support Staff
  • University Professors, Deans, and Provost
  • All interested in improving education through simSchool simulations
  • Post Docs/Researchers

Proposal Requirements
Proposals which address the history and research using simSchool and applications as well as describe innovative projects are encouraged.
Click here for Proposal Form and Guidelines


Presentation time: 50 minutes (allow 5.10 for Q & A)

Submission length: 2-4 pages or 500-2000 words; an abstract is not sufficient to be evaluated as a Full Paper.

Proceedings length: 4-10 pages
Papers present reports of significant work or integrative reviews in research, development, applications and societal issues related to all aspects of simSchool.

1. Title (Please note: no author names should be included for the purposes of blind review)
2. Abstract/Keywords
3. Introduction/Study context
4. Theoretical or conceptual framework
5. Literature review including rationale/significance of study to the field of teacher education
6. Methods/Research methodology: Identify the type of research
7. Results/Findings
8. Discussion/Implications
9. References

After submitting your proposal by the deadline, use the menu at Submission and select “Add Files to Submission” to upload your PowerPoint file in PPT or PPTX format (without audio or video). Also, at least one author must confirm by registering by the Early Registration Guideline.

What You Receive:
Access to presentations
Focus group results

Download the conference flyer