Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research


The Office of Assessment and Institutional Research (OAIR) is a support unit. This research unit works within the Academic Affairs Division, ensuring data quality, producing usable information pertinent to the Institutional identity and mission, completing surveys, monitoring assessment activity within the College community, maintaining accreditation reports, performing program evaluations, tracking student outcomes, and monitoring educational effectiveness. OAIR provides research support for decision makers on matters relating to planning, program development, and other Institutional issues as necessary.


More specifically, OAIR will be a central clearing house particularly for assessment, accreditation, retention, and completion data coordination. Oversight of institutional data used for academic research, analysis, accreditation, and reporting across the university in terms of assessment and evaluation of university academic divisions. Collaborates with all non-academic departments in terms of data collection, analysis, and reporting in order to maintain a consistent set of reported data and comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the university as a whole. Assessment includes responsibilities in the areas of data collection, data analysis and reporting, data problem solving, and alignment of university goals. Work with individual divisions and departments to assist with specialized accreditation needs across the university. Oversee the collection and analysis of institutional data.