Prior Learning Assessment

We understand that as an adult student, you have gained experience and knowledge throughout your professional and personal life. We recognize this and provide opportunities to apply these to college credit. These life experiences can be obtained through your professional career, professional training, community participation, and/or military experience.

Credit can be earned through the following examinations:

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national standardized testing program that offers exams in subject areas such as history and social sciences, composition and literature, science and mathematics and business. Further information about the CLEP test including a complete list of available tests, testing center locations and costs is available at Click here to view a list of accepted exams and scores for CLEP exams.

DSST Exams are recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) and are available for credit. These exams may be funded for active-duty military and their spouses. Further information about DSST exams is available at Click here to view a list of accepted exams and scores for DSST exams.

Missouri Baptist University awards credit for various Excelsior College Examinations (UExcel). UExcel exams are another way for undergraduate students to demonstrate proficiency in a given area.  The exams are in a computer-based format with more information available at Click here to view a list of accepted exams are scores for the UExcel exams.

For University credit, the following stipulations will apply:

1.    A student enrolled at Missouri Baptist University must receive permission from the Director of Records at MBU before attempting to earn credit by CLEP, DSST, or UExcel.
2.    No credit will be awarded for any score below the American Council on Education (ACE) recommended minimum.
3.    There will be no CLEP, DSST, or  UExcel exams accepted for ENGL123: English Composition II.
4.    Hours earned through credit by examination or portfolio assessment may not be applied toward the residency requirement for graduation at MBU.
5.    A combined maximum of 45 credit hours may be accepted toward a degree program at MBU by examination to include CLEP, DSST, AP, IB, ACT/SAT, and UExcel) and through credit for prior learning portfolio. No single source may for account for more than 30 of the 45 credit hour maximum.

6.    Credits earned through prior learning assessment will not be factored into the students’ GPA and will show on the university transcript as “CR” or “WV”.


Missouri Baptist University considers the  American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendationsfor military education when evaluating your Joint Services transcript. Courses recognized by ACE as appropriate for undergraduate university credit will be reviewed for transfer credit. Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcripts are accepted as transfer credit from a regionally accredited institution.
Students who have served, and provide a copy of their DD-214, will be credited with four hours of credit. (KHSC333 and a physical activity credit)

For further information concerning credit for military education and service, please contact Kathie Pitts, Assistant Director of Records at