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CORE 42 is a statewide transferable general education curriculum intended to guarantee the courses be applied to general education requirements between Missouri public institution, as well as signatory private institutions. As part of the CORE 42 statewide initiative, Missouri Baptist University became, one of four private institutions, signatory with Missouri Department of Higher Education. The CORE 42 curriculum provides a pathway for students to guarantee course credit and reduce the need to retake courses they have already completed at another school. This initiative helps students earn a degree in less time and without additional cost.

For the academic year 2018-2019 and forward, Missouri Baptist University accepts all CORE 42 courses as equivalences to meet general education requirements toward degree requirements. Public institutions and signatory private institutions honor the equivalences of general education courses. For approved MOTR courses at other Missouri public colleges and university go to Missouri Department of Higher Education CORE.

Students who complete the CORE 42 curriculum will meet general education requirements.

CORE 42 Knowledge Areas and Requirements:
· Communications (9 MOTR credit hours minimum)
· Written Communication (6 MOTR credit hours minimum)
· Oral Communication (3 MOTR credit hours minimum)
· Mathematical Sciences (3 MOTR credit hours minimum)
· Fine Arts and Humanities (9 MOTR credit hours minimum)
· Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 MOTR credit hours minimum, including two disciplines)
· Natural Science (7 MOTR credit hours minimum, including 1-hour lab)
· Addition MOTR courses to complete the 42 total hours requirement

Full list of MBU Courses and MOTR equivalences