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Quick Facts

Location: West County, St. Louis, Mo.
Graduate Enrollment: 1,002
Main Campus Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,226
Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 4,569
Student to Faculty Ratio: 14 to 1
Average Freshman Class Size: 30
Average Upper-Division Class Size: 20

Missouri Baptist University is committed to maintaining a community that recognizes and values the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  Missouri Baptist University affirms that an important part of the integration of faith and learning is the recognition that all people are created in the image of God and worthy of respect and dignity.  We seek to ensure that all students have full access to the educational, social, and spiritual growth opportunities that the University provides to ensure that students understand and appreciate one of the University’s core values which is “social change through service and leadership.”

Through its curricula and classroom experiences, the university seeks to develop and nurture diversity because it strengthens the organization, promotes creative problem solving, and enriches us all.

The goal is to present materials and activities that are respectful of diverse groups including, but not limited to, race, gender, color, national or ethnic origin, age, qualified disability, military service, learning differences, or socioeconomic status.

You’ll find that MBU is as affordable as it is welcoming. Annual tuition and fees for 2018-2019 were $27,124, well below the national average of $35,830 for a private, four-year university. Plus, the average annual financial aid grant is approximately $12,000 per full-time student. Our friendly and skilled admissions and financial aid staff are committed to finding resources to help make your education at MBU a reality.

Personal Attention
MBU features small class sizes that allow our instructors bring out the best in each individual student. As a University, we firmly believe this close interaction is the best way to help students realize their potential.

At MBU, students get involved. All of our programs, both academic and social, are inclusive for all students. They provide the life experience and perspective necessary to become a well-rounded individual. We sponsor mission trips and international study programs to encourage a passion for impacting the world you live in.

With a diverse student body comes diverse schedules. That’s why MBU helps students take just about any course just about any time. Students can choose between 16-week daytime classes or eight-week evening classes. We offer classes at extension sites in Troy/Wentzville, Arnold, Franklin and St. Charles Counties and at Jefferson College. And we have a consortium arrangement with other St. Louis colleges. MBU offers online classes and complete online degrees. Currently there are nine fully online undergraduate degrees and seven graduate degrees offered. At MBU, we put an emphasis on convenience to drive your success.

Success is measured by what you do after your time at MBU – not just in your career, but in life. We encourage students to search for truth and to develop their God-given abilities so they can shine on well past graduation.

Because MBU is a Christ-centered institution, students can pursue their education without compromising their faith. We feature a learning environment that provides an ethical and moral basis from reasoning that goes beyond the mere accumulation of facts.

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Missouri Baptist University Regional Learning Centers are here to help you find your stride and accomplish your goals. A journey at any MBU campus is the start to something better.

With classes near you starting every eight weeks, you can begin almost immediately. During your first class, you will quickly realize that our faculty are at the top of their field and eager to help you succeed.

You've started the race, now finish strong.

About MBU

Missouri Baptist University is a Christ-centered university located in Saint Louis. MBU offers more than 40 undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees in education, business and religion and its new terminal degree, the Doctor of Education. In addition to its 66-acre West St. Louis County campus, MBU offers degree programs at 10 regional learning centers throughout Saint Louis, in Southern Illinois and online.