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At a conference I attended recently the speaker told of a conversation he had with a nationally known poet who teaches at an evangelical college. The speaker asked the poet, “What is the difference in teaching at an evangelical college as opposed to teaching at a secular institution?” The poet carefully considered his answer and replied, “You don’t have to draw up short when you reach the really deep things.” That is probably one of the best reasons I have heard for attending a small Christian college. It is certainly true that a student, under the guidance of a Christian professor, can go further in ascertaining truth than in just about any other learning situation. Our mission calls us to emphasize both academic excellence and a Biblically based Christian perspective and that is our highest and noblest calling. Though that in itself is enough of a reason to attend a small Christian college I was impressed with a report issued by the Council of Independent Colleges* that gives many other advantages and points out that bigger does not always translate to better.

Small colleges focus on the education of the undergraduate student. At Missouri Baptist College, teaching comes first. Though we have teachers engaged in research, their first priority is teaching. The teacher in a freshman history course will most likely be the same Ph.D. professor teaching senior level courses.

Small colleges provide high quality education to all kinds of students. Because we are able to control our financial packaging we can admit students from a variety of backgrounds and not just those who are academically, socially, or financially elite.

Small colleges provide an education for a lifetime. The liberal arts curriculum provides students with the ability to think logically and communicate effectively, tools that are necessary and sought after in today’s world. When combined with pre-professional programs, a student is well prepared for further study or the job market.

Small colleges emphasize values. At Missouri Baptist College we are interested in preparing students not only for making a living but making a life. Most of our students rate service to others as an important life goal and indeed our alumni can be found making a difference in the communities in which they live. We are interested in helping students find a calling, not just a vocation. We are serious and intentional about integrating spiritual values into the curriculum and placing them above the quest for status, wealth, and power.

Small colleges provide students with significant opportunities to become involved in activities that foster individual maturation. The possibilities for leadership in a small college like MBC are endless. For example, when we have a play or musical, many non-music and non-drama majors have the opportunity to participate unlike in an institution of thousands of students where opportunities are very limited. Through chapel, we are able to gather a large number of our community together on a weekly basis for worship and community building. Our size enables professors to teach interdisciplinary courses and enables students to work with faculty members outside of their immediate subject area. Participation in sports is emphasized through junior varsity teams and intramurals to allow broad participation beyond just the scholarship athletes.

Small colleges are financially and administratively efficient. On the whole small colleges tend to be very efficient, and I do not know of any college that stretches a dollar farther that Missouri Baptist College.

These are just a few of the reasons that a young person should consider attending Missouri Baptist College. If you agree, contact our admissions office and set up an appointment for your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, other relative or friend. After all smaller may just be better and they deserve the best.

*Small by Choice, the Advantages of Small Colleges; Published by the Council of Independent Colleges.