Student Worker – Student Activities Department

Job Title: Student Worker
Department: Student Activities
Hours: 10 hours per week
Pay: $7.65/hr.

Job Description

Basic Function:

Under the direct supervision of the Director of Student Activities, the student workers are
responsible for the daily organization and support within the Student Activities office.

Responsibilities and Authority

This staff member is responsible for accomplishing the duties as follows:

  1. Organize and maintain all Student Activities files and supplies.
  2. Create promotional materials for events.
  3. Plan and coordinate activities and events.
  4. Perform special duties as deemed necessary and assigned by the Director of Student Activities.

Performance Measurement Criteria:

An annual performance review is to be conducted by the Director of Student Activities. This review will include an assessment of the performance of all tasks related to the position, an
analysis of the assistant’s strengths and weaknesses based on a review of the job description and recent performance and proposed personal and professional development.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Education and Experience: High school diploma
  • Personal Qualities: Energetic, detail oriented, flexible, hard-working and positive
  • Interpersonal Skills: Self-disciplined, ability to work well with a variety of people
  • Communication Skills: Must be able to communicate effectively (written and oral)
  • Flexible schedule