Admissions Processing Specialist


Under the direct supervision of the Administrative Assistant, the Admissions Processing Specialist is responsible for completing administrative duties within the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and providing assistance to prospective students and supporting the Admissions Office in its recruiting efforts.

Within the limits of University policies, procedures and programs this position is responsible to accomplish the duties as follows:

1.             Process student records documents, including applications, ACT/SAT scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation and other documents.
2.             Enter data into the University database. This data will primarily be made up of information received as testing scores, transcripts and other admissions documents. This also includes data validation and correction.
3.             Manage information in CAMS database, access and route documents in Filebound to appropriate parties and communicate with appropriate office personnel.
4.             Manage Admissions interface with CRM.
5.             Calculate GPA’s for data entry and evaluate transfer of credit into the University.
6.             Understand and manage the acceptance flow of data and documents.
7.             Check and respond to e-mails and voicemails as needed.
8.             Serve as backup phone line to field incoming calls, assisting with scheduling and answering general Admissions questions.
9.             Assist with Admissions special events – from coordination to execution.
10.          Other duties as assigned.
11.          Work the hours of Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

1.             He/she is directly accountable to the Administrative Assistant for the interpretation and fulfillment of his/her function, general responsibilities, and related authority and relationships.
2.         He/she will work closely with student workers, support staff and admissions counselors.  It is essential that he/she maintain an open line of communication with all members of the Admissions staff.
3.         It is also essential that he/she maintain an open and mutually cooperative relationship with other offices on campus—particularly with Financial Services, Records, IT, and Athletics. He/she will often work with these offices while completing administrative tasks and assisting students to ensure their questions are always answered in a timely manner.

1.             Personal growth, as seen in making mature work-related decisions, organizational skills and utilization of time.
2.             The efficiency and accuracy of data entry, document processing and evaluation.
3.             Demonstration of enthusiasm and customer service.
4.             The amount of tasks that are performed through initiative and creative thinking in an effort to assist and improve the daily flow of responsibilities for the department as a whole.

1.         Bachelor’s degree required.
2.             Statement of Christian faith.
3.             Must be self-motivated and capable of following set procedures with the ability to suggest and implement adjustments as growth and trends demand change.
4.             Must be well-groomed and dress professionally.
5.             Must be able to work both independently and within a group.
5.         Must have strong communication skills and the ability to work with students, parents and others in a mature, professional manner.
6.         Must be organized and responsibly handle confidential information.
7.         Must possess computer skills including familiarity with Microsoft Office.

To Apply

To apply for this position, submit a cover letter, résumé, contact information for three professional references, and a statement of Christian faith via e-mail to Cynthia Sutton, Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions, at Cynthia.Sutton@mobap.edu .

A statement of Christian faith generally involves a personal testimony for how you came to follow Jesus, as well as a statement of your commitment to living out the teachings of the Christian faith in your life.

Professional references will not be contacted prior to an interview.