Undergraduate Programs

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School of Business

– BS  in Business Administration
– BS in Applied Management
– BS in Marketing
– BS in Management 

School of Education

Early Childhood Education
– Early Childhood Education Stand-Alone
Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education Combined
Early Childhood/Elementary Education Combined

 Elementary Education
– Elementary Education Stand-Alone
– Elementary Education/Cross-categorical Disabilities Combined
– Elementary/Early Childhood Education Combined
– Elementary/Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education Combined

Middle Childhood Education
– BS in Middle Childhood Education
– BSE in Middle Childhood Education
– BME – Instrumental Concentration
– BME – Piano Concentration
– BME – Voice Concentration

K-12 Education
– BS in Health Education/K-12 Education
– BS in Health Education/Physical Education/K-12 Education
– BS in Physical Education/K-12 Education

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– Library Media Specialist
– Special Reading

Secondary Education
– BS in Biology Education/Secondary Education
– BS in Business Education/Secondary Education
– BS in Business Education/Marketing Education/Secondary Education
– BS in Chemistry Education/Secondary Education
– BA in English/Secondary Education
– BS in English/Secondary Education
– BS in Mathematics/Secondary Education
BA in Social Sciences/Secondary Education
– BS in Social Sciences/Secondary Education
– BA in Speech/Theatre/Secondary Education
BS in Speech/Theatre/Secondary Education

Division of Social and Behavioral Science

Criminal Justice
Human Services

All MBU School of Education undergraduate degree plans listed, with the exception of Child Development, are designed to meet Missouri State Teacher Certification Requirements and built for transfer students receiving their AAT degree services.

Online Undergraduate Programs

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