A letter from President Lacey regarding the Stockley trial

Rotunda with night blue sky

Dear MBU Community,

The past three years have been very challenging for the St. Louis region. We have made some progress toward racial harmony and better justice for all but we still have a long way to go. Our relationships will be tested again when a decision is rendered in what is called the Stockley case. Whatever the decision, it will be met with disagreement by those with differing perspectives.

Missouri Baptist University, along with many other organizations in the area, is committed to a gospel in which all people are equal in the eyes of God, where we do not see ourselves as better than someone else just because they are different, and where we all can work together toward building a just society.

After the verdict, people will want their voices heard. Whether you agree with them or not, I would encourage you to try to listen to them. People will want to protest and they have a right to do that, but not in a violent manner that harms others or their property. I would humbly ask you to refrain from any action that will create divisions and wounds within our community.

Our faculty, coaches, administrators, and staff are committed to providing a Christian environment where we can glorify Christ and set an example for others in solving our problems. We can overcome all our obstacles as our oneness in Him breaks down our barriers between one another.



Alton Lacey
Missouri Baptist University