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The Student Government Association establishes student organizations, aids students in their involvement in those organizations and advocates the concerns of the student body to university administration. The SGA also has a budget to help fund activities for those organizations that regularly attend meetings. Meetings are held ever other Thursday at 12:00 p.m. in the conference room on the bottom floor of the Field Building.

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Student Government President Caleb Davey 

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Caleb Davey is the current SGA President and is ready to listen to students’ concerns. Contact Caleb at

SGA Constitution


We, the students of Missouri Baptist University, with a desire to establish a better student life both academically and socially for current and future students, to empower student leadership and to hear the voices of the student body, individuals and organizations; promise to serve as an advocate to the administration on behalf of student needs and concerns in official voice that is honorable to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as to our school, do establish this constitution for the Student Government Association of Missouri Baptist University.
Article I
Organizational Purpose

Section 1: The name of this organization that shall carry out the goals of the preamble shall be Missouri Baptist University Student Government Association (MBU SGA), both hereafter referred to as MBU and SGA.

Section 2: The purpose and goals of the SGA shall be to provide reasonable and coherent policies, leadership and unity for the MBU student body. This association shall also create and act as a medium between the students, faculty and administration of the campus.

Section 3: The SGA shall provide opportunities for students to be involved in various MBU communities and student organizations and be informed about these communities’ and organizations’ actions and concerns to promote greater unity within the MBU student body.

Section 4: The SGA shall be responsible for funding student organizations, while observing fiscal responsibility.

Article II
Composition of the Student Government Association

Section 1: The SGA shall consist of an executive branch, a legislative body of senators and the student body.

Section 2: The SGA shall be advised by the Director of Student Activities and/or the Dean of Students. The Advisor will be responsible for insuring that the SGA follows all civil laws and ordinances and campus policies and procedures.

Section 3: All MBU students are members of the SGA upon enrollment at MBU and are welcome to attend all meetings and offer input. However, only senators will be allowed to vote.

Article III

Section 1: Any member of MBU’s undergraduate or graduate student body shall be eligible for membership, providing he/she is not on probation status of any sort.

Section 2: Members are entitled to all rights and privileges granted in this constitution and are subject to all rules and regulations herein or hereafter enacted by this constitution.

Section 3: Membership should be regarded as a full-year commitment for executive members and a semester-long commitment for Senators and should not be entered into under any other understanding.

Section 4: The SGA shall function through a self-perpetuating council of peers; chiefly President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, under the guidance of the SGA Advisor.

Section 5: The SGA is under the authority of the administration of MBU and it is understood that the Dean of Students and the Director of Student Activities have the power to veto any action of the SGA. This veto may be challenged upon presentation of a petition to the president of the university requesting a review of the veto.

Section 6: If any member abuses the privileges of office, compromises the integrity of the SGA through any words or actions on or off campus, or continually ignores their responsibilities and duties as a senator or officer of the SGA, the SGA maintains the right to a two-thirds majority vote, or approval from the SGA Advisor, to ban that member from membership in the SGA.

Section 7: All members are required to attend 75% of open meetings and officers are required to attend 90% of executive officer meetings and 50% of SGA activities throughout the year. Absences are to be reported to the President or Vice President at least 24 hours before any meeting. Frequent absences may result in removal from office.

Article IV

Section 1: Officer Qualifications and Prerequisites

A. Any candidate for the executive offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary:

1. Must have attended MBU for at least one semester preceding the date of nomination

2. Must be a full-time student during the semester of his/her nomination or be a part-time student and be approved by the existing SGA executive members and the SGA Advisor

3. Must be at least a part-time student during his/her term of office

4. Must have and maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.

B. Only students who meet this criteria and do not have a probationary status can be elected, appointed or remain in office. Students who fail to meet these requirements will be discharged from their executive positions within the SGA.

Section 2: President’s Powers and Duties

A. To be the official representative of the student body.

B. To serve as the chief mediator between the SGA and the MBU administration and to act as the voice of SGA to MBU faculty and staff.

C. To act as the moderator of all SGA meetings.

D. Upon election to the Presidency, to appoint a Secretary and a Treasurer by the end of the fall semester for the following year with the approval of the SGA Advisor.

E. To be responsible for the execution of all legislation enacted by the SGA.

F. To veto, as he/she sees fit, any statute, rule or regulation adopted by the SGA, provided such veto is exercised in writing to the SGA within ten days after its passage. In the event of a veto, the bill must be returned to senate with written objections or specific recommendations for revisions. Any passage not signed nor vetoed within ten days will take effect.

G. To represent the SGA and the student body at all board of trustees meetings and prepare a report for the rest of the SGA.

H. To delegate responsibilities to the Vice President.

I. To be the main source of communication between the SGA and the rest of the MBU student body..

Section 3: Vice President’s Powers and Duties

A. To assist the President whenever necessary and to fulfill the roles of President in voting and moderation of meetings when President is unable.

B. To be present at all of the SGA meetings, only voting to break a tie.

C. To represent the SGA and the student body at faculty meetings.

D. To oversee and govern over all branches of the council and constituents to manage work efficiency.

E. To assume the just powers of President during President’s absence and fulfills roles of Presidential office if President is deceased, removed or steps down from office.

F. To nominate students for specific SGA positions should any vacancies occur.

G. To regularly review the MBU SGA Constitution and propose necessary amendments to the executive board and to the SGA senate.

Section 4: Secretary’s Powers and Duties

A. To keep minutes of all open meetings and officer meetings and organize them for future uses.

B. To keep track of all contact numbers for the SGA, SAC, MBU and businesses that will be used by SGA.

C. To organize all past and future records, files and memos for SGA.

D. To upkeep relations and contact with all organizations, churches, MBU faculty and staff and business that SGA will use when the need arises.

E. To maintain a record of all members serving on the SGA and periodically verify their eligibility to continue holding office.

Section 5: Treasurer’s Powers and Duties

A. To serve as the chief financial officer of the SGA, responsible for maintaining the fiscal records of all SGA expenditures, allocations and monetary collections.

B. To record the amount of total monies disbursed to student organizations, individually and collectively.

Article V
SGA Senate & Senators

Section 1: SGA Senate

A. The senate shall consist of student representatives from each student club and organization, academic division and housing location, as well as from the athletic department, International Student Services and from any other community deserving of SGA representation, as approved by the SGA.

B. The senate may create other offices and positions as it deems necessary to perform its duties.

C. A majority of senators shall constitute a quorum, being necessary to go into session.

D. Legislation can be proposed to the senate by any current senator or officer. The legislation should be in written form and formally proposed at SGA meetings.

E. Motions, resolutions or legislation must pass by a majority of senators present.

F. All SGA members with the exception of the executive board shall be entitled to one vote. The Vice President shall only vote to break a tie.

Section 2: Qualifications for SGA Senators

A. Candidates for SGA membership must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average at the time of their nomination. A high school transcript shall be used for determining the grade point average of first semester freshmen.

B. Candidates must be full-time students during the semester for their election or be part-time students with the approval of the SGA officers.

C. Candidates must be at least part-time students during their term of membership.

D. Candidates must be appointed by their represented community, organization or division and must remain an active member of the group while in office.

E. Candidates may not be on probation of any kind during the semester of their election or during their term of office.

F. Any failure to fulfill responsibilities, frequent absences or any words or actions that compromise the integrity of the SGA will result in removal from the position and a withdrawal of scholarship.

Section 3: Powers and Duties of SGA Senators

A. To be responsible for hearing the students of their specific area of grievances, ideas and suggestions and to prescribe appropriate action for each.

B. To review this Constitution and their respective group’s constitution every semester and report to the Vice President any motions for amendments.

C. To propose rules and regulations affecting students campus-wide, for review by officers and faculty if necessary.

D. To call by a majority vote a hearing to consider possible removal of an officer from office.

E. To give a report at meetings of how and what actions are being taken to hear the voice of the students in their particular area of focus.

F. To attend 75% of all open meetings. Failure to do so will result in removal from membership.

G. Senators may override a presidential veto with a two-thirds vote or may accept the revisions, sustain the veto and approve the amended bill by a majority vote.

Article VI

Section 1: Committee Definitions

A. Standing committees are annual committees that retain existence throughout the academic year.

B. Ad-hoc committees are committees that are appointed as business dictates.

Section 2: Standing Committees

A. Constitution Committee

1. The Vice President, who will chair the committee, shall appoint the committee members from the SGA at the beginning of every semester.

2. The committee shall receive all organizations’ constitutions when they are up for review, when amended or when a new organization requests to be charted. This committee’s approval or recommendation for change of organization constitutions must be submitted to the executive board in which final legitimizing authority is vested.

3. It shall review constitutions citing necessary changes in organizational policy, structure and operations as well as document clarity, aesthetics and organization.

4. This committee shall also be responsible for reviewing the MBU SGA Constitution, agreeing upon an official recommendation for the Constitution to send to all SGA senators for vote.

5. Constitution committee meetings shall occur on a regular basis, determined by the Vice President according to workload.

Section 3: Ad-Hoc Committees

A. Shall be recommended by the officers and approved by the President.

B. The President shall appoint chair of committee.

Section 4: The departments of the SGA may create commissions, committees and boards as needed. Permanent commissions, committees, boards and their respective chairs shall be subject to a senate majority approval.

Article VII

Section 1: Election and Nomination of Executive Officers

A. Elections shall be held at the close of every fall semester for the offices of President and Vice President.

B. Candidates for the offices of President and Vice President must be nominated by SGA senators.

C. For the offices of Treasurer and Secretary, the President-elect shall make appointments under the guidance of the SGA Advisor.

D. Each nominee shall fully know and understand the guidelines and responsibilities before accepting nomination.

E. A person has the right to turn down a nomination if they do not wish to run for that office or position.

F. The previous SGA President or SGA Advisor shall administer the oath of office to the incoming SGA officers and the oath shall be as follows:

“I solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of Student Body (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.) and will to the best of my ability perform my duties and uphold the Constitution of the Missouri Baptist University Student Government Association, so help me God.”

Section 2: SGA senators are to be elected by the communities they represent.

Section 3: Special elections shall be held if a vacancy occurs.

Article VIII
Term of Office

Section 1: Length

A. Officers shall hold each office for a one-year period, which begins at the start of the spring semester and ends at the close of the fall semester.

B. Senators shall hold office for a semester-long period and may be reappointed.

Section 2: Vacancy

A. Officers

1. If the President’s position is vacated, then the Vice President shall assume the role of President.

2. If the Vice President’s position is vacated the President shall nominate a Vice President who will take office upon confirmation from a senate majority vote and approval of the SGA Advisor.

3. If the Secretary’s position is vacated, then the President shall appoint another Secretary with a majority approval of the current executive officers and the SGA Advisor.

4. If the Treasurer’s position is vacated, then the President shall appoint another Treasurer with a majority approval of the current executive officers and the SGA Advisor.

5. Senators reserve the right to nominate, but not appoint, students to fill vacancies within the executive board.

B. Senators

1. If any senator’s position is vacated, then another senator shall be appointed by that represented community with the Vice President’s approval.

2. Should any vacancies occur, the SGA executive board reserves the right to appoint students to senatorial office if a group or community fails to make a proper replacement.

Article IX
Impeachment & Administrative Removal

Section 1: The causes for impeachment/removal may include, but are not limited to:

A. Failure to carry out one’s designated duty.

B. Failure to adhere to and uphold this Constitution.

C. Failure to submit to the authority of the SGA Advisors.

D. Failure to abide by the policies of the SGA or this university.

E. Any violation of the MBU Student Code, as explicated in the MBU Student Handbook.

Article X

Section 1: Application Process

A. Any MBU organization must provide a mission statement and a constitution in compliance with this Constitution.

B. Any MBU organization must have an MBU faculty or staff member as an advisor before applying.

C. Any MBU organization must have a traditional or non-traditional student acting as president of that organization.

D. Any MBU organization must seek application approval from SGA President.

E. Once the application is approved, the application must be approved by the SGA executive board, the SGA Advisor, any applicable department chairs and the Dean of Students.

Section 2: Organization Guidelines

A. All MBU organizations must submit to the authority of the SGA, department chairs and the Dean of Students.

B. Failure to submit to the authority of the above parties will result in penalization and/or the immediate expulsion of the organization.

C. “Club dues” or anything of that nature are not to be required of any MBU students.

D. Fundraising and/or donations are permissible pending approval by the SGA.

E. All organizations must submit organization minutes quarterly.

F. All organizations must have at least one representative at all SGA meetings, serving as an SGA senator, to inform the SGA on the actions of the organization.

G. All student organizations must submit the name of their senator and appropriate contact information to the SGA President or Advisor five days prior to the first scheduled meeting.

H. Failure to submit minutes or to appear regularly at the SGA meetings will result in penalization and/or expulsion of the organization.

Article XI

Section 1: Restrictions

A. Nothing in this constitution shall be changed except by amendments or when in review.

B. An amendment to this constitution may be proposed by either the Constitution committee, a majority vote of the officers, a two-thirds senatorial decision or by a petition of 25% of the members of the student body.

Section 2: Ratification

A. There shall be at least one meeting of the proposed amendment or changes before the final vote on ratification is taken.

B. SGA members shall have a copy of the proposed amendment or change in his/her possession at least on week prior to the vote.

C. Amendments and changes to this constitution shall be immediately effective after they are passed by a three-fourths vote of the SGA senate and approval by the SGA Advisor.

D. Each amendment shall be added to the end of this constitution. Changes made in review may be made in the appropriate article.

Article XII

We, the undersigned, do hereby ordain this Constitution for the just purpose of establishing and regulating the Student Government Association of Missouri Baptist University through every provision enumerated herein, to the glory and honor of God Almighty:

Caleb Davey Brittni Brandwein
 MBU SGA President  MBU SGA Vice President
Lara Hines Dr. Andy Chambers
Director of Student Activities, MBU SGA Advisor Dean of Students, Sr. VP of Student Development, MBU SGA Advisor