Fitness Center (FC)

  • Only individuals 18 years of age or older with a current MBU ID are permitted. IDs must be presented each time you check-in at the fitness center.
  • Staff members will not hold IDs, keys, wallets, etc.
  • All patrons use the FC at their own risk. It is each individual’s responsibility to use all equipment safely and in the manner in which it is intended. Failure to do so may result in removal from the facility.
  • Under no circumstances are glass containers allowed in the FC.
  • No food or beverage is allowed in the FC and/or locker rooms except for re-sealable plastic water bottles.
  • Proper workout attire (shirt, shorts, sweats, tennis shoes) must be worn at all times. All shirts must completely cover the torso and remain on at all times.
  • Closed-toe athletic footwear required. No street shoes, boots, or sandals are allowed in the FC.
  • Equipment must be wiped down after each use! Please wipe off all controls, seats, and railings when you are finished with your work-out.
  • All equipment is on a first come-first serve basis.
  • Leaning on consoles is prohibited. Use handrails for balance only.
  • SRC staff reserves the right to inform patrons of how to properly use equipment.
  • Please inform SRC staff if equipment is broken or malfunctioning. For your safety, please report maintenance problems or other facility problems to SRC staff.
  • Smoking, tobacco, and gum are prohibited in the FC.
  • Report all injuries to the FC check-in desk or SRC manager immediately.
  • When a blood-related injury occurs, stop activity and notify SRC staff immediately to administer treatment and allow proper clean-up procedures.
  • Clear pathways are to be maintained at all times. No personal belongings (including water bottles) are to be left on the workout floor with the exception of the designated area in the back of the fitness center. Please utilize lockers on the first floor for storage of items.
  • At this time, HSOC/Dual-Enrolled students are not permitted to use the Fitness Center or Muncy Gym.

Fitness Center Locker Room

  • Locks are available for check out at the FC check-in desk for day use while patron is in the facility.
  • SRC staff is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.
  • A $5 fee will be issued for all locks that are not returned to the FC check-in desk before closing.
  • Items left in the locker room (except paid locker rentals) will be stored at the FC check-in desk for 48 hours. The SRC is not responsible for items not claimed within 48 hours.
  • Full/ half size lockers are available for rental on a semester or annual basis. More information is available at the fitness center desk.

Guest Policy

  • Guests of MBU employees may visit the FC with an MBU employee. Guests must:
    • Fill out appropriate form and sign waiver.
    • Pay the $5 fee, allowing them unlimited visits for 1 calendar week.
  • At this time, students are not allowed to bring guests.

Group Fitness Room (GFR)

  • Under no circumstances are glass containers allowed in the GFR.
  • No food or beverage is allowed in the GFR and/or locker rooms except for re-sealable plastic water bottles.
  • Please do not enter the group fitness room until an instructor or SRC staff member is present.
  • Instructors will not register participants or accept payment for class sessions. This MUST be done in person at the Fitness Center desk.
  • Personal belongings should be stored in the labeled mirrored cabinets inside the GFR, in cubbies outside the GFR, or in the Fitness Center locker rooms. Locks are available for check-out at the FC desk with a valid MBU ID.
  • Please use the disinfectant wipes provided to wipe down mats and fitness balls after class.
  • Comfortable clothes that allow for freedom of movement are suggested and no bare midriffs allowed. Males must keep a shirt on at all times.
  • Closed-toe, aerobic or cross-trainer shoes with good arch support, flexible soles, and cushioning are recommended. Non-black soles only.