Blue Light Phones

Blue Light Phonesacademics-criminal-justice

Emergency Blue Light Phones have been strategically placed throughout Missouri Baptist University’s 65-acre campus in an effort to further provide assistance, and protective and safety services to the MBU campus community.

These unit compliment the courtesy phones provided at the entrances of each MBU campus facility.

When used, the telephones are immediately connected directly to the Department of Public Safety.  The phones, which are attached to elevated and highly visible poles, are equipped with speakerphones and strobe lights. Phones are to be used by students experiencing car problems, want to report a suspicious incident or a medical emergency, or for any other kind of assistance or information.

Locations: (See Map)

  1. Parking Lot A, located near North Outer 40 Road adjacent to the Field Academic Hall and the Pillsbury Chapel and Dale Williams Fine Arts Center
  2. Parking Lot C, located near shuttle bus stop.
  3. Parking Lot B, located near the back entrance to the Chapel Fine Arts Center.
  4. Intersection of College Park Drive and Dink-Marler Drive.
  5. Shoulder of Dink-Marler Drive, near the Pillsbury-Huff Dormitory.

For decades, MBU’s West Saint Louis County campus has been one of the safest universities in Missouri. The University maintains a proactive stance for student safety. For a complete look at MBU’s crime statistics, view the Department of Public Safety Report.