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MBU Alumni Board and Association

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Alumni Association

The mission of the Alumni Association is to continue living out the mission and core values of the institution, to stay involved, stay connected, and continue supporting MBU, its students, staff, faculty, and fellow alumni. If you are a graduate of MBU then you are a part of this Association.

MBU Alumni Board

The Alumni Board meets four times a year in order to act as the representatives of the Missouri Baptist University Alumni Association to advise and assist the staff of the alumni office.

The chief functions of the Alumni Board are:

  • Serve – Function as an advisory council to the alumni office staff in how the staff can better understand and meet the needs of the alumni constituency.
  • Engage – Actively strengthen ties between former students, faculty and staff of the University.
  • Advocate – Publicly support the University and its community of alumni and friends.
  • Support – Contribute time, talent, and treasure to further Association and University goals.

The members of the Alumni Board are elected to two-year terms that coincide with the fiscal year calendar (July 1 – June 30) Members are limited to three consecutive two-year terms, in which case they are required to leave the Board for one year.

Alumni Board Member Application Form

2014-2015 Alumni Board:

Kristen Pelster ’92, President
Mark Baden ’08, Vice President
Carolyn Thompson ’76
Auby Houchin ’76
Fritzi Anderson ’79
Lisa Blazer ’87
Tammy Cardano, ’09, ’13
Marie Tudor, ’05, ’07
Jill Browder, ’13, ’14
Kasey Cox, ’10, ’14
Kris Cook ’15, Student Representative