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2013-2014 Teacher Education Interview Schedule

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All students seeking teacher certification must complete two interviews which are a component of the assessment phases for the Teacher Education Program. The first interview is for admission into the teacher education program. A student must be admitted into the education program in order to continue with upper level education classes. Once accepted into the education program, all students must complete a student teaching interview at least one semester prior to student teaching. This includes students receiving credit for prior learning (CPL) to satisfy any portion of the student teaching requirement.

Those who do not have the required elements in their portfolio will not be permitted to interview. For the first (admission) interview, that includes the philosophy of education, at least one reflection, and supporting artifacts. For the second (student teaching) interview, that includes a minimum of five reflections with appropriate supporting artifacts. See the portfolio checklist for additional documents required or recommended for each interview.

For students using iWebfolio, please be sure to have ALL of Section I uploaded, at least one reflection uploaded to Section II, and at least two supporting artifacts uploaded to Section III for the first (admission) interview.  Some information may need to be scanned and/or retrieved from the Education Office on Main Campus (such as letters of recommendation, test scores, etc.).  For the second (student teaching) interview, ALL of Section I must be uploaded, at least five reflections must be uploaded to Section II, and appropriate supporting artifacts must be uploaded to Section III. In order for you to be prepared for your interview, these expectations must be in place. You will be able to use your network login to access iWebfolio in the interview room. Students on probationary status following the admission interview must satisfy all deficiencies and be approved for admission before proceeding with their student teaching interview.