Natural Sciences Division Faculty

deese,jerry_Headshot Jerry Deese, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics; Chair

Emily Christensen, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Natural Sciences

pieris,shayani_Headshot Shayani Pieris, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Plant Sciences

David B. Smith, M.S., Assistant Professor of Mathematics

tai,wei-cheun_Headshot Wei-Cheun Lie Tai, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics

thebeau,lydia_Headshot Lydia Thebeau, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology; Faculty Athletics Representative

vedamuthu,mary_Headshot Mary Vedamuthu, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry

walston,-craig_Headshot Craig Walston, M.S.S., Instructor of Natural Sciences; Head Women’s Softball Coach

Andrea Wilcox, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology