Humanities Division Faculty

Jo Ann Miller, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education; Chair – Humanities Division

Thea Abraham, M.S.E, M.A.,Instructor of English

Andy Chambers, Ph.D., Professor of Bible; Senior Vice President for Student Development

Terry Chrisope, Ph.D., Professor of Bible and History

W. William Combs, M.Div., Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies; Coordinator of Illinois Regional Learning Centers

Mary Ellen Fuquay, M.A., Instructor of English; Director of EXCEL

John J. Han, Ph.D., Professor of English and Creative Writing; Editor – Cantos; Editor – Intégrité: A Faith and Learning Journal

Kelly Leavitt, M.A., Instructor of English; Writing Lab Coordinator

Curtis McClain, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Bible; Director – Christian Studies

Jessica Wohlschlaeger, M.A., Instructor of English