Worship Arts Technology

Worship Arts Technologyacademics-worship-arts

In accordance with the mission statement of Missouri Baptist University, the academic program, and the worship arts and communication disciplines, this major focuses on preparing students for careers in supporting the worship ministry through technology, emphasizing sound reinforcement, sound recording, and video production within the church or a related setting.

In addition to General Education and Bachelor of Arts or Science requirements, the student must take the following Worship Arts and Communications courses for the Worship Arts Technology major. The Communications Core focuses on a broad knowledge base, introducing widely divergent areas of the field of communications:

  • Worship Marketing Manager
  • Sound Engineer
  • Worship Creative Director
  • Radio producer
  • Camera operator
  • Video editor
  • Videographer
  • Audio engineer
  • Lighting specialist


Required Music courses: (8 hours)
[MUTH 103 Fundamentals of Music]†
MUTH 101 Introduction to Music Technology
MUTH 111 Sight Singing/Ear Training I
MUTH 113 Theory I
MUHL 153 Appreciation of Music*

†Students who pass the theory placement test are not required to take this course.

*Also satisfies general education requirement

Required Religious Education courses: (6 hours)
RRED 273 Foundations for Christian Ministry
RRED 343 Discipleship and Evangelism

Required Theatre courses: (3 hours)
THEA 353 Drama in Ministry

Required Worship Arts courses: (10 hours)
MUWA 463 Worship History and Leadership
WORA 483 Emerging Trends in Worship
MUWA 371+471 Worship Performance Workshop
WORA 381+481 Worship Arts Seminar

Required Internship courses: (3 hours)
REMU 473 Christian Ministry Internship

COEN 223 Basic Reporting and Writing for Journalism
COMM 223 Introduction to Mass Media
COMM 263 Introduction to Audio and Video Communications
COMM 412 Media Interviewing
COMM 483 Media Law and Ethics

COMU 323 Principles of Sound
COMU 343 Studio Recording I
COMU 463 Advanced Audio Editing
COMR 383 Technology for Multi-Media Platforms
COMT 413 Broadcast Techniques
COMT 483A Studio Production I
COMT 483B Studio Production II

Suggested Electives:
COMT 353 Convergent Media
COEN 323 Advanced Reporting and Writing for Journalism

Total hours for Worship Arts Technology Major: 62