Lighten Up Committee

Lighten Up CommitteeMBU's Lighten Up Committee

The Lighten Up Committee at MBU exists to make the workplace more enjoyable, provide opportunities for levity among faculty and staff, and to improve employee morale. Throughout the year the committee sponsors programs and events that contribute to making MBU one of the top workplaces in St. Louis.

Current Lighten Up Committee members:
Lighten Up Committee

Snapshots from the Lighten Up Luncheon

Lighten Up Luncheon
Winners! Education Division (“Under Construction”)

Lighten Up Luncheon
Maintenance Table – “Power Tools”

Lighten Up Luncheon - Resident Life






Resident Life – “Over the Hill”

Lighten Up Luncheon - University Communications






University Communications – “MBU Brew”

Lighten Up Luncheon - Number Crunchers






Accounts Office – “Number Crunchers”

Lighten Up - Records






Records Office – “80′s TV” Table

Lighten Up - Library






Library – “50th Anniversary”