Assistant Director, Student Financial Services

I. Basic Function

The Assistant Director is responsible for the integrity of data, policies and procedures, and plays a critical role in the preparation and successful completion of annual audits. This position will coordinate and oversee all compliance matters related to Title IV funding. This position will manage the student employment programs. This position requires a person of integrity who pays careful attention to detail and who will think proactively to suggest and implement enhancements to the overall process.

II. Responsibilities

Within the limits of authorized university policies and resources available, the assistant director is responsible for the following:

1. Coordinates and oversees Title IV compliance and regulatory requirements.
2. Manages the Federal Work Study and Institutional Work Programs.
3. Develops and implements policies and procedures.
4. Develops and delivers training programs to staff via workshops and interdepartmental meetings. Create training manuals and resource guides.
5. Performs internal compliance audits for: Title IV receipt of funds, student account transactions, credit refunds, enrollment status changes and other items that may affect Title IV eligibility and compliance. Assist with independent annual audit.
6. Document results of internal audits and create an action plan for improving any areas needing improvement.
7. Follow up on action plan to ensure implementation and progress.
8. Create and maintain a 12-month planning/compliance calendar.
9. Ability to query CAMS database using Access and/or (SQL).
10. Facilitates the office’s electronic workflow from application through graduation/withdrawal and loan repayment, including ISIR uploads and reprocessing.
11. Works closely with Noel Levitz, primarily to verify accuracy of data files.
12. Maintains the website, including required disclosures and annual reporting.
13. Develops internal surveys, compiles the results, and assists with analysis of data for quality assurance, for enhancing office policies and procedures, and to make recommendations for data-informed decisions. Completes external surveys when requested.
14. Completes any other duties as assigned.

III. Relationships

1. Reports to the Director of Student Financial Services.
2. Maintains good cooperation with departments at all campuses as well as students.

IV. Performance Measurement Criteria

An annual evaluation of the assistant director shall be conducted by the Director. This evaluation will include an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses based on a review of the job description and recent performance. Any needed targets for performance improvement will be set.

V. Minimum Requirements

1. Education and Experience: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree and three years of related experience. This position requires advanced knowledge of Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. A clear understanding of database design and concepts is preferred. The candidate must possess a strong work ethic with excellent organization skills, a high degree of initiative, and ability to work well independently and with a team.
2. Personal Qualities: Honest, professional demeanor, positive outlook.
3. Spiritual Qualities: Ethical; committed follower of Jesus Christ and participant in a local church.
4. Interpersonal Skills: Friendly; people oriented.
5. Communication Skills: Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
6. Management Skills: Position requires a high level of accountability, problem solving, troubleshooting, and the ability to work efficiently in a fast paced environment, while following directions, with minimal supervision.
7. Other Desirable Qualities: Preference will be given to applicants with prior experience using the CAMS Enterprise (Three Rivers Systems) student information system.

VI. Compensation

1. Salary based on experience and abilities.
2. Benefits as provided by the university for full-time employees.

VII. Application Process

Submit a cover letter, current resume, listing of references, unofficial college transcripts, and statement of Christian belief and life, to:

Mr. John T. Brandt
Director of Student Financial Services